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At UTOPIA we deliver for investors by building businesses that power tomorrow’s economy

Build with

Our Investment

At UTOPIA, we are transformational investors. We aim to drive meaningful long-term value and leave our companies healthier, more strategic, and more growth-oriented than they were when we invested.

Committed to
Responsible Investment

“Getting to a more sustainable world requires the judgement to make complex decisions about where to allocate precious long-term capital. Our clients have always chosen to partner with us because they trust our judgement – and increasingly that trust is earned through our innovative approach and impact analysis."

- Markus Meyer, Global Head of Impact Investing

At UTOPIA, we look to attract and retain the brightest minds in the business, hiring professionals and students in every area of the firm. Our employees’ passion for their work and commitment to their clients have helped UTOPIA become one of the most respected financial institutions and a trusted partner for some of the largest investors in the world.


Strategic Partnership

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